From the point of first contact Lynne was exceptionally kind, sweet and professional. I literally changed my mind on every detail during the process except for the ring size and she was so patient and endearing with me, treating me like a longtime friend instead of a client, and answering my emails almost immediately, no matter the time of day. I think the longest I ever had to wait for a response was a few hours at a time and that was maybe once over the course of three weeks of communication. 

I had Lynne and co. reset a stone for me and also traded in some metal towards the value of my project, and the whole process was very simple and fast paced. Once I sent in my jewelry, Lynne and Andy took less than a day to weigh my rings and send me a thorough breakdown of what my remaining balance would be. When that was through, Lynne and I worked on ironing out the details for the new rings, and within a business day of that she emailed me the design renders, promising to keep me updated. (Turns out I was so excited about the rings, I checked in often enough she didn't have to keep me updated, haha) 

She was also super flexible with shipping when she found out I could only be home one day a week to sign for packages, and even offered morning or afternoon delivery, which was very helpful. When the rings arrived they were packaged SO thoughtfully. They were packaged in a FedEx security box with no indication that there's jewelry inside, Lynne included the old jewelry box I sent my old rings in, an appraisal for the new rings, a handwritten note, and the most cleverly designed jewelry box for the new rings I have ever seen. There is a light in the lid! 

And last but not least, the rings, you guys, the rings! They're just gorgeous! If you look on instagram my ring set is the Taylor solitaire matching set in champagne gold so you can see for yourself how lovely they turned out. The bands are super delicate but sturdy, the gold alloy is unique and beautiful and the setting shows off my stone perfectly.

Lynne and Andy, thank you! It was fantastic working with you



Andy and The True Gem team could not have done more to guarantee the timeliness, quality, and satisfaction of our ring. While I initially provided only a vague description, Andy guided me through each step of the process and never once said, "we can't do that." We communicated regularly until we had exactly what I wanted. From day one, it was evident that customer satisfaction was priority number one and the ring would not be shipped until it was absolutely perfect The renderings took the "guesswork" out of online shopping concerns and were a completely accurate reflection of the delivered product. When the ring arrived, I was COMPLETELY satisfied with the final product. Nothing could replace the peace of mind gained by trusting that the ring would be delivered within the narrow timeframe requested. Thanks again!


After searching the internet and several jewelry stores it seemed like for months I came across True Gem and the search was over! Not only did they have exactly what I had been looking for their website and social media accounts helped me choose the exact final cut, color and shape I was wanted. From the diamond to the mount and ban I am over the moon with my ring! My fiancé praised Andy for his knowledge and all the help and their quick turn around time! Andy and Lynne have been so helpful at every step along the way. When the proposal came I was blown away, my ring is so much pretty in person than I ever could have imaged. Thank you so much for all your help and I surely can't wait to see the stackable wedding bans and his matching ban! Cheers!

- Laura G.

When I decided to ask Lynne for a quote - I started the process to plan a custom right hand ring without any other information than what I had seen on Instagram. My husband thought I was crazy. But as the process unfolded, I found that Lynne was knowledgeable, considerate, open to all of my opinions and question (even the ones involving the smallest minutiae), and very good at her job! She never shot down any of my ideas, but when I asked her to honestly give me her feedback as a professional jeweler, she also did that ("would it look better as A or B? Would it stick out more as A or B?"). When I saw the mold come out, I knew the ring would be gorgeous. When I saw the ring in person, I gasped -- it was even more beautiful in real life. I am so grateful for all of your patience, Lynne, in helping me plan the ring! The craftsmanship is outstanding and flawless. I would highly recommend Lynne and her team, whether for a custom piece or an in-stock item.  


 I cannot thank Lynne enough for creating two perfect rings that are everything I ever dreamed of. As soon as I saw her designs, I knew I could trust her to design exactly what I had envisioned for my engagement and wedding rings. She was amazing with her communication all from Texas to Sydney, Australia. She updated me every step of the way with pictures and videos, and answered all my questions. The quality of her work from start to finish is unrivaled, as she will accept nothing short of perfection. These rings are so beautiful and will last me a lifetime. I am so so happy and I cannot recommend her highly enough! 
Thank you so much, Lynne. I will be in touch for my eternity ring :)

 -Stephanie W



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