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*Your purchase comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty protecting your jewelry from manufacturing defects. We take a great deal of pride in our craftsmanship and will certainly stand behind our work. 

Since all fine jewelry is made with malleable precious metals and is certainly not indestructible, we recommend taking special care when exercising, sleeping, swimming or showering in your jewelry. We also recommend avoiding harsh chemicals, lotions, hairsprays and detergents whenever possible to keep your gemstones and diamonds clean and sparkling at their best.

Extending the warranty: 

We recommend sending in your ring at the end of your purchase year for regularly scheduled maintenance. If you repeat this process every year, your warranty will extend for the following year. This warranty does not protect against jewelry that is intentionally damaged, worn irresponsibly, or altered by another jeweler. For example: If you order your ring in a size 6.5, have a local jeweler size your ring to a 4.5, and then begin to have issues with your smaller diamonds popping out of the setting, we will not be responsible for repairs. We can only guarantee our own work.