Why Moissanite?


No Compromises...

Since we think Moissanite is a pretty easy decision, we have it available in all our engagement ring designs in an easy click-to-buy format!  We know there is a lot of information out there these days on Moissanite, but let us tell you why we love it!  

Moissanite was first discovered in a meteor crater in Arizona in 1893 by a man named Moissan.  More recently, very large naturally occurring moissanite crystals have been found in Israel. It is not a diamond, nor a fake diamond. It’s just a different, naturally occurring or lab-grown stone. And what a stone it is!

Chemically, moissanite is completely different from a diamond. But it looks like a diamond. It feels like a diamond. Its thermal qualities are difficult to distinguish from those of a diamond.  And best of all, a moissanite actually out-performs a diamond in terms of optics, and is still durable and scratch resistant enough to be worn every day and last a lifetime.  

Sustainable & conflict free

No earth was moved nor human disrespected in the production of this sparkly rock. The beauty of this lab grown gem is more than just the optical fascination.  With a clear conscience, Moissanite is perfectly suited to represent your love story without being associated with any other narrative.

It stacks up

Being responsible shouldn't mean having give up on beauty or durability.  Moissanite packs a punch with more brilliance and fire than a diamond!  This gem also scores a (9.25) on the Mohs hardness scale meaning it's harder than any other gemstone except a diamond (10). These qualities make Moissanite perfectly suited for everyday wear while remaining optically stunning.



Yep, now "popping the question" doesn't have to mean going into debt.  We realize that getting engaged is about more than just the ring.  This is sometimes the first step in building a life together and it sure feels amazing not having to compromise on ethics, beauty or your financial goals... Finally.



Have something else in mind? We also have ethically sourced diamonds, morganite, sapphires and other gemstones in all sorts of shapes and sizes.  We love searching for unique and special gemstones!  We can't wait to hear what you're dreaming up!